adventure travel IN THE HEART OF THE ANDES

A Fascinating Journey

Memorable trips of high complexity in a corner of the Argentine Puna that leads to challenge the Andes and its climate, to explore some of the least visited, remote and most exciting places on Planet Earth.

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Traveling with Socompa means living an immersive and transformative travel experience. We don’t want to anticipate anything, but we would like to give you an idea about the work we do and about your possible journey with us. We want to hear from you, to know what you are looking for from this journey. We constantly seek the extraordinary in every trip we create, through transformative experiences, an authentic passion for the Andean world, the preservation of its untouched nature and the power of genuine human connections for a sustainable future.

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Genuine passion for the Andean World and its untouched nature

The philosophy of our work is to think, design, organize and manage high complexity trips. Traveling this corner of the globe means challenging the Andes and its climate, exploring some of the least visited and most exciting places on planet Earth

Seeking the extraordinary

As a company centered on people, our team of Adventure Travel Guides is a central piece of Socompa, we always study together the best way to organize each journey and they are more than qualified to lead them, being an important part of the trip itself, since human connection is paramount in our trips.

We keep seeking to include new places, new people, new campsites, new shelters for those who travel with us, to be able to always find a new a door to trascend, a pathway to new ways of seeing things, an Extraordinary Journey.

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