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Estancia Colome
Molinos, Salta
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Finca Valentina
Salta, Capital
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La Merced del Alto
Salta, Capital
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Viñas de Cafayate Wine Resort
Cafayate, Salta
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Ritornati da un viaggio nella puna argentina ....tutto meraviglioso anche grazie allo staff Socompa!!! Agenzia consigliatissima!!! Alla prox.... Rene Jordan
WOW! We had an really great trip with Socompa in the Argentine PUNA region. Johan
Fantástico y emocionante viaje! ¡Ocho días inmersos en la naturaleza con paisajes maravillosos! Mónica


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North Autentic / Day 1

Icono camino de montaña

 Salta | Cuesta del Obispo | Cachi | Molinos 

Duration: Estimated driving time  5 hs | Distance: 130 km paved road. 70 km gravel road. | Altitude: Highest point 3.500 m./ 11.400 feet.  Molinos 2.020 m. / 6.627 feet | Meals Included​: Dinner

The Authentic NW Argentina is the perfect journey for those who seek to explore the classic regions of North West Argentina, always enjoying an excellent selection of hotels and services.

It starts towards the south of Salta, with three days of travel visiting the Calchaquí Valleys and its Gorges, passing by the region of the Highest Wineries in the World – a unique experience of culture, perfumes and human contact – that goes beyond the wine theme.

It continues to the North of Salta via the Quebrada del Toro, where sometimes the Train to the Clouds will pass by, it reaches the desert plateau of the Puna and Salinas Grandes, to visit later on the Province of Jujuy, the Humahuaha Gorge and the Eastern Andean Range in the area of a little village called Iruya, returning to Salta via the path of the Yungas Forest.

We select Boutique Hotels, where after dinner it is possible to get lost in short walks under a thousands of stars and where sometimes the same hotel owners will welcome you.

The Authentic NW Argentina itinerary can be organized differently, adding days according to your preferences, a lunch at the highest winery in the World and the oldest in South America, hosted by a descendant of the Spanish colonist that planted the first vine at the beginning of 1800, or maybe go on a hike inside a private canyon of clay walls, or enjoy an authentic Argentinean Asado in the middle of nature prepared for you only.

Finally, don’t miss the opportunities for luxury, such us trying one of the most innovative Golf course in Cafayate, or flying for a couple of hours over the natural wonder of the immense and stunning nature of this region.

North Autentic / Day 2

Icono camino de montaña

Molinos | Angastaco | Quebrada de las Flechas | Cafayate | Sunset in Quebrada de las Conchas | Cafayate

Duration: Estimated driving time  5 hs | Distance: 100 km paved road. 90 km gravel road. | Altitude: Highest point 2.300 m./ 7.546 f. Cafayate 1.683 m. / 5.522 f. | Meals Included: breakfast

Route 40 is one of the most famous roads in the world. With its 5,000 km in length, it joins the border
Argentine-Bolivian with Tierra del Fuego.

From Cachi to Cafayate it is all gravel and dirt, passing between small peasant ranches and adobe houses.

The Quebrada de las Flechas is a desert of quartz dust mixed with the silt of an ancient lake, eroded by the wind from the Andes, giving rise to geometric shapes similar to arrowheads.

Cafayate is the second wine-growing town in Argentina, but the first in the world for the height of its vineyards that flourish at 3,000 m.

The sunset is enjoyed in the first part of the Quebrada de las Conchas.


North Autentic / Day 3

Icono camino de montaña

Cafayate | Ruinas de Quilmes | Quebrada de las Conchas | Salta

Duration: Driving time: 5 hs | Distance: 270 km paved road. | Altitude: Highest point 1.850 m./ 6.070 feet. Salta 1.200 m. / 3.937 feet | Meals Included​: Breakfast

In the morning we will visit the pre-Inca ruins of Quilmes, which are considered the best preserved in Argentina. These native peoples have a very particular history, given that the Quilmes fought against the Spanish and were later deported to the south, where the city of Quilmes is today.

On the way to Salta we pass through the Quebrada de las Conchas, also declared a Natural Heritage of Humanity. It is a 65km canyon of sedimentary rock formations from the Mesozoic and Cenozoic eras (90-60 million years old). The characteristic red color derives from the presence of ferric oxide in its mineral deposits. The name of Las Conchas, derives from the abundant amount of colonial fossils of seashells, fish and molluscs, testimony to the humid tropical climate that dominated the area in remote times.

​Accommodation at Finca Valentina.


North Autentic / Day 4

Icono camino de montaña

Salta | Quebrada del Toro | San Antonio de los Cobres | Salinas Grandes | Purmamarca

Duration: Driving time: 6 hs | Distance: 142 km asphalt and 179 km gravel | Altitude: maximum 4,170 m. Purmamarca 2,192 m. | Meals Included​: Breakfast

We will start the tour through the Quebrada del Toro, the same one where the route of the Train of the

We will visit the mining town of San Antonio de los Cobres, which is the gateway to the Puna: the desert plateau that lies in the heart of the Andes.

Lunch is in San Antonio and we will visit Salinas Grandes, a white desert at 3650 meters, where the blue sky stands out against the immaculate white of the Salinas. 100 km long on a salt plain, with a depth of hundreds of meters.

At sunset we will descend to the eastern mountain range through the Lipán Pass, traveling a 33 km slope of curves towards Purmamarca where we will spend the night.

Lodging in Purmamarca.


North Autentic / Day 5

Icono camino de montaña

Purmamarca | Tilcara | Uquía | Hornocal | Iruya

Duration: Driving time: 5 hs | Distance: 93 km asphalt. 119 km gravel. | Altitude: maximum 4,300 m. Iruya 2,780 m. | Meals Included​: Breakfast

The Quebrada de Humahuaca is an extensive valley of more than 160 km, declared a World Heritage Site for its nature, its history and its anthropological importance.

La Quebrada is known for its small and old colonial towns, a semi-desert nature rich in Cardones (indigenous cacti), several pre-Inca archaeological sites, and the Cerro de los 7 Colores, heart of a huge archaeological site.
sedimentary surface that emerged after the elevation of the Andes Mountains and is famous for its almost infinite series of red and brown strata, produced by the oxidation of the abundant mineral deposits in the area.

We will have time to visit the Serranía de Hornocal, a special place to take the best photographs of one of the most colorful mountains in the world (known as the hill of 14 colors).

After Humahuaca, almost on the border with Bolivia, we continue along a gravel road until we reach the Paso de Cóndor at 4,000 meters, which has spectacular views of the Cordillera Oriental.

Finally we arrive at the small and almost lost town of Iruya in the middle of the Andes.

​Overnight in Iruya.


North Autentic / Day 6

Icono camino de montaña

Iruya | Humahuaca | Volcan | Ruta 9 | Salta

Duration: Driving time: 6 hs | Distance: 260 km asphalt. 50 km gravel. | Altitude: Maximum 4,000 m. Jump 1,200m. | Meals Included​: Breakfast

In the morning we will visit the town of Iruya and then the eastern part of the Iruya valley with its
small towns, under the beautiful Cerro Morado.

Back in the Quebrada de Humahuaca, we will have time to visit Uquía and its Quebrada de las Señoritas. La Quebrada is almost 3,000 meters high, just off the Tropic of Capricorn.

It is a valley that, even today, is used by the local population to carry out ritual ceremonies. It’s amazing because the wind and water sculpted a Clay Mountain creating thousands of little statues that look like young ladies.

Further on, we will come across Volcán, known for its unique craft market.

Lastly, Route 9, a mountain route, will take us back to Salta crossing the mountain jungle known locally as “Yungas”.