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As a people-centred company and understanding that the human connection is paramount on a trip, our team of Adventure Travel Guides is a central part of Socompa and each and every trip.
That’s why we have a great team of passionate professionals who are more than capable of leading them with the highest standards of quality and safety.

Taking into account their experience, we study together the best way to organise and manage each trip. We are constantly looking to include new places, new people, new routes, new adventures, so that we can always find a new door that transcends, a path to new ways of seeing things, a new route to an Extraordinary Journey.

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Luis Giramonti

Professional Guide / Great expert on off road trips to the Argentine Puna and the Altiplan

Gaston Huerga

Graduated as a Tourism Guide with specialization in Adventure Travel. He enjoyed the landscapes of NW. Tour leader of small groups & photosafaries Customer service & group managment skills Fluent in English Language

Jose Bergese​

Adventure Travel Guide From Salta, with special interest in nature and sustainability, he is passionate about history and culture. Extroverted and friendly, he speaks English.

Lautaro Funes

Adventure Guide. With a degree in Tourism

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