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Socompa Climate Action Partnership with Tomorrow’s Air 

Inspired by nature and in recognition of travel’s opportunity to help when it comes to our climate, Socompa Adventure Travel is joining Tomorrow’s Air, supporting climate action education and accelerating the development of carbon removal with permanent storage.

We learned that alongside conventional carbon offsetting and natural climate solutions, new carbon removal and storage approaches are also needed to help us clean up the trillion tons of excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. The reality is that even if all carbon dioxide emissions were to halt completely right now, Earth’s warming would continue due to the high levels of carbon dioxide already stored in
the atmosphere. The only way to permanently reverse warming is through carbon removal. 

Therefore, beginning in January 2023, Socompa Adventure Travel is incorporating a $10 contribution to Tomorrow’s Air into all its trips. Socompa traveler contributions support:

● Inspiring traveler education about meaningful climate action
● An order for 10kgs carbon to be removed and permanently stored How It Works The Tomorrow’s Air portfolio of carbon removal innovators includes pioneering companies selected for their technical and hybrid nature-tech solutions that can help restore our climate: direct air capture company Climeworks and Pacific Biochar.

Traveler contributions support climate conscious travel education and directly fund carbon removal provided by these companies.

With direct air capture, carbon collectors capture carbon dioxide from ambient air. Air is drawn into the collector with a fan, and adheres to a filter within the collector. Once the filter is saturated, the collector is closed, and the temperature is increased, releasing pure carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is dissolved in water, just as a soda machine makes sparkling water.

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This water mixed with carbon dioxide is then injected deep underground into basaltic rock in Iceland. The basaltic rocks release metals that mix with the carbon dioxide in the water and turn this carbon dioxide into stone. The process safely and permanently removes the carbon dioxide from the atmosphere since rocks cannot leak out of the ground. The entire process is powered by geothermal energy.

About Pacific Biochar
Pacific Biochar captures and stores carbon dioxide by stabilizing natural processes of decay in organic matter and keeping it safely in the ground. The biochar created is used in soil applications. Biochar can help enhance the overall health of soil by helping hold plant nutrients in topsoil. It also supports increases in crop yield, and can also help conserve water used for crops by improving the water retention of the

Ground, carbon

About Eion Enhanced Weathering

Eion’s novel process speeds up the natural process of chemical weathering that causes the breakdown of rocks and minerals, storing carbon dioxide along the way. Eion applies crushed silicate rock – olivine – to soil. Through existing moisture and acidity in the soil, the crushed rock dissolves, resulting in carbon dioxide being pulled from the atmosphere into the solution. The bicarbonate ions that are formed as part of the process over time make their way to the ocean. Once they reach the ocean, they improve ocean alkalinity and remain at the bottom of the ocean for 500,000 years.

Socompa Travelers Are A Valuable Part of the Solution

As a global community, travel holds immense potential to support our society’s transition to sustainability. Millions of travelers along with countless travel companies around the world form a potentially powerful collective to embrace climate-conscious travel and support innovative carbon removal solutions that will be needed alongside our forests, oceans, and soils to absorb and store carbon dioxide.

Through their stories and perspectives as well as through their direct contributions to carbon removal with permanent storage, Socompa travelers are building the carbon removal movement and providing vital funding for pioneer carbon removal solutions.

Socompa travelers are encouraged to share their personal travel stories and perspectives with the Tomorrow’s Air community and are invited to
● Follow Tomorrow’s Air on Instagram @tomorrowsair_
● Sign up for the Airrow Bulletin for travel insights and carbon removal
● Join the collective as a Supporter, Leader or Champion member

We All Share the Same Air 

Carbon dioxide is extremely well-mixed in our atmosphere: emissions from one part of the world mix in with emissions from other parts of the world. When we reduce the concentration of atmospheric carbon dioxide – regardless of where on Earth the reduction occurs – the entire atmosphere, and all of us on Earth who are protected by it, benefit. 

Let’s band together to restore our climate.